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Speed Camera Laws Are Changing in New Orleans & Throughout Louisiana

Close-up on speed trap surveillance camera along highway.

While speed cameras can help to reduce auto accidents and pedestrian accidents, many people don’t like them. A new law that went into effect on August 1st, has changed the use of them.

New Orleans, Baton Rouge and any parish in Louisiana that uses cameras to catch speeders will have to post signs notifying drivers about the monitoring. The sign will be required to be posted between 250 feet and 500 feet of the location of the traffic camera.

There has always been heated debate on the matter of traffic cameras in New Orleans and throughout the U.S. There have been studies that say the cameras cause more auto accidents, especially rear-end collisions where a driver can suffer major bodily injury, such as whiplash. On the other side studies have been done that say fatal auto accidents were reduced when red light cameras were present. The red light cameras also seem to reduce accidents that have bodily injury involved when there was a crash.

Either way, New Orleans residents can be on the lookout for signs letting them know a speed camera is nearby.