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Attorney vs. Lawyer: Learn the Difference

Attorney Vs. Lawyer: Although these two terms are used interchangeably, they actually have different meanings. Read our blog to learn the difference between these two terms.

What is A Lawyer: Lawyer Definition

A lawyer is someone who is has gone through law school and is educated in the law. A lawyer can give you legal advice and aid but cannot provide legal representation in a court of law. Technically, the term means someone who is trained in law and gives legal advice. If a person has gone through law school, they are considered a lawyer. A lawyer who has only gone through law school may not be allowed to do certain legal jobs until they pass the bar exam in the legal area they wish to practice.

What is An Attorney: Attorney Definition

Attorneys are also lawyers with one major difference. An attorney-at-law or attorney for short is someone who went to law school and passed their bar exam. An attorney is someone who can legally prosecute and defend actions on behalf of someone else. Attorneys perform the basic functions of a lawyer but can also act as legal representatives for their clients. An attorney generally can only practice law or represent clients in the jurisdiction where they took their bar exam. The Voorhies Law Firm is licensed to practice law in the state of Louisiana and is based in New Orleans.

A lawyer who takes the bar exam in their state is the major difference between the two terms. The bar exam is a rigorous test that lasts two or 3 days and must be passed in order for the lawyer to be able to practice law in that state, such as Louisiana

Personal Injury Attorney or Lawyer Specialty

There are many specialties attorneys can devote themselves to. Personal injury law is the focus at Voorhies Law Firm in New Orleans. The law defines personal injury as a bodily injury, mental injury or distress, or death. Personal injury cases are legal disputes between two parties that happen when one person suffers some sort of harm due to an accident or bodily injury from someone else’s actions. A personal injury case is a means to find a party at fault or negligent in causing harm. 

Choosing A Trusted, Qualified Personal Injury Attorney, New Orleans

It takes immense dedication and study to pass the Louisiana bar exam. In 2013 Louisiana was rated the 4th toughest state for passing a bar exam. What this means to you is a New Orleans personal injury lawyer who has passed their bar exam has immense knowledge and can give you the legal advice you need and represent you in any New Orleans or Louisiana personal injury case. The Voorhies Law Firm has almost a decade of experience representing clients who have suffered negligence at the hand of others. We’re a large enough personal injury law firm that we aren’t intimidated by the insurance companies and will fight aggressively to get you the justice you deserve for your personal injury claim. We’re located in New Orleans, a major city in Louisiana but can represent you no matter where you are in the state.

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