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Reduce Your Chance of an Auto Accident by 10% by Doing This

View of the night city and cars on the road, traces of headlights on a long exposure, Moscow, Russia

In general, when we turn on our vehicle headlights we do so at night to be able to increase our visibility. Vehicles that had their headlights on during the day were associated with a statistically significant decrease in crash rates compared to vehicles without daytime running lights. 

 According to one of the major studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatal crashes of passenger vehicles were reduced by almost 15%. The study also found that having headlights on during the day reduced automobile accidents of light trucks, vans and passenger cars by almost 10 percent. 

The big takeaway here is visibility. When driving a motor vehicle you want to be as visible as possible to other automobiles on the road. Adding this one easy thing to your driving routine can potentially save you thousands of dollars, and even your life. 

The Law Regarding Headlights in Lousiana

Every vehicle in New Orleans, Louisiana must have their headlights on between sunset and sunrise, no matter what. The law also states that you must have your headlights on if “insufficient light or unfavorable atmospheric conditions” are present, which can mean rain, hail or other conditions where visibility is reduced. This helps drivers of other automobiles see you, thus reducing one of the major causes of car accidents.

How Cost-Efficient is Having Your Headlights on All The Time?

The different studies also noted what kind of financial and environmental impact the constant use of headlights had. The costs were negligible, only $3 to $40 per year depending on the type of vehicle and headlight. The environmental impact was also low when factoring in the waste produced by a totaled or wrecked vehicle.

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