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Louisiana Car Insurance Rates to Rise

For New Orleans and all of Louisiana, car insurance rates are set to rise for 2018. Is your insurer set to increase insurance rates for car accidents?

The Louisiana Insurance Commission approved a measure to allow insurers in Louisiana to raise their rates. The rate increase depends on who you’re insured with, but you could probably expect a small increase. The Louisiana Insurance Commissioner gave some insights as to why:

  1. About 65% of car drivers in Louisiana either have the minimum coverage for car accidents or have no accident coverage at all. This encourages Louisiana drivers who are in a car or truck accident to talk to a New Orleans car accident lawyer (if they’re in Nola) to file a property damage or injury lawsuit claim.
  2. Distracted driving is another reason for the need to increase car accident insurance rates. 

Is your insurer increasing car accident insurance rates?

About Car Accident Insurance Rates

Most accident insurance companies assess rates by ZIP code. That means metro areas like Baton Rouge and New Orleans have higher rates. Those rates can be 25% higher in some cases where there is a higher percentage of car accident lawsuits. 

If You Get Into a Car Accident in New Orleans

Even if you practice every safe driving technique there is, you may eventually be involved in a car accident. If you’re in New Orleans or anywhere in Louisiana, talk to a trusted New Orleans car accident lawyer, like Richard Voorhies, before you do anything.