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Hurricane Season 2018 Looks Minimal, Reducing Possible Flood Damage


If you’ve payed attention to the news in New Orleans, you probably haven’t heard much in regards to this year’s Hurricane Season.  We’ve had some rain but tropical storms have been very tame for the most part. This is welcome news to those who were affected by last year’s flooding and sustained flood damage to their homes and property. 

According to Weather.comthe Atlantic is very quiet right now and shows no sign of any developing stormy weather. Last year, one of the most active times we’ve had in years, gave us massive amounts of rain throughout Louisiana & Texas. Houston, TX saw historic flooding and many parishes around Louisiana were also hit. There was also a hurricane that hit North Carolina recently, but nothing too much on our end.

The reason for this year’s low activity seems to be due to the abundant, dry air throughout the Atlantic that helps to stop ongoing stormy weather. Warmer sea temps combined with the moist weather helped to give us the stormy, hurricane filled season we had last year. We have had a few hurricanes this year, but they were minor. Unfortunately, Texas saw major flooding and many homes and businesses had flood damage. Right here in New Orleans, we did have some flooding and homes did sustain flood damage from rising waters. The Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo was cancelled because of severe thunderstorms and flood damage.

Floods & Flood Damage is a Top Natural Disaster

Flooding and damage from floods are one of the United States’ top natural disasters. It is ranked behind tornadoes as one of the most costly and destructive forces of nature there is. In 2017, the U.S. experienced a record number of water-related disasters, totaling 306 billion dollars. Many of those flooding damage disasters were right here in the South, including: New Orleans, Houston, and Lafayette.

New Orleans was, of course, subject to historic flooding from Hurricane Katrina, where our city sustained massive amounts of damage and destruction. Thankfully, so far we’ve gotten minimal flooding and flood damage, and the rest of the year looks to be light in the hurricane department. 

Hurricane Season is Mild So Far, but Always Be Prepared for New Orleans Flooding 

So far, we’ve had a mild hurricane season. On July 2, scientists at the Colorado State University forecast that we would have a smaller hurricane season, with only one major hurricane along with a few smaller ones. Their low forecast was partly due to cool waters in parts of the Atlantic Ocean. The odds of a major hurricane making landfall has also decreased as well, according to them.

Though we still are not out of the woods yet when it comes to a major hurricane and possible flooding, the odds that New Orleans & the South will be affected by one are reduced.

If You’ve Been Affected by a Hurricane or Flood Damage

Sadly, some residents of New Orleans & the South are still rebuilding after the major flooding events of the last two years. This is certainly welcome news to them and their neighbors. If you’ve been affected by flooding in your home and the insurance companies are not being cooperative, you may have a case. Contact the Voorhies Law Firm if you’ve been given the run-around from the insurance companies for your flood-damaged home.