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This Is How Many People Lost Their Homes Due to Hurricane Laura

Mobile home after Hurricane Matthew!

Hurricane Laura was one of the strongest hurricanes to make landfall in the United States. According to Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, “Hurricane Laura is the fifth strongest storm to make landfall in the United States in recorded history and the first in memory to maintain major hurricane strength as it traveled through Louisiana, bringing catastrophic destruction to many parishes.”

Here’s what we know about the number of homes that perished due to Hurricane Laura:

A Significant Number of Homes Were Destroyed

The American Red Cross estimates that about 8,000 homes were destroyed in Louisiana and Texas as a result of Hurricane Laura.

Many of those whose homes were not destroyed in the storm were left without water and power for an extended period of time.

COVID-19 Has Complicated The Situation

Dealing with one of the strongest hurricanes in recent history is hard enough on its own, without the looming threat of a global pandemic. Since social distancing practices have been in place nationwide since March 2020, responding to Hurricane Laura was not easy.

Mass evacuations may have caused an uptick in coronavirus cases in many affected regions of Louisiana and Texas. More than 500,000 people were instructed to evacuate their homes and stay in government-paid hotel rooms or sleep in their vehicles because officials were reluctant to open mass shelters and risk spreading COVID-19. Over 2,100 people were sheltered statewide, with more than 1,900 individuals accommodated in hotel and motel rooms.

At the time this was written, since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been at least 271,030 COVID-19 cases and 6,845 fatalities in the state of Louisiana. It is difficult to determine how many new cases were introduced due to Hurricane Laura since most of the community testing facilities in the state were forced to close as a result of the storm.

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