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Hurricane Ida Relief Information

Hurricane Insurance Claim

Hurricane Ida Relief Information

The increase of incoming hurricanes fuels the need for flood relief. Hurricane Ida flooded the communities of New Orleans, inundating homes, submerging cars, and plunging communities under murky water for days. Ida’s winds created widespread roofing and roof shingle destruction, and its rain caused millions of dollars of damages throughout our community.

In the days before Hurricane Ida, there was no need for flood-relief assistance in Louisiana. But as the storm barreled across the state on the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, flooding and subsequent storms suddenly became a reality.

Learning From Failures After Katrina

Hurricane Katrina killed thousands of people, and thankfully through that tragedy, our community has learned how to provide help more effectively when hurricanes strike. Humanitarian responses work best when they’re tailored to each disaster.

For example, in the early days of Hurricane Katrina, volunteers flocked to New Orleans to help in response to this hurricane. As those volunteers scrambled to give away resources, they ended up harming the disaster relief effort. The public relations nightmare was enough to convince many to avoid government-led disaster response in the future.

To learn from this mistake, World Vision put in place a long-term Disaster Response Plan. We anticipated the need to respond to both immediate and future disasters in the Greater New Orleans area.

While many organizations plan to respond to future disaster disasters in the area, World Vision is specifically investing in restoration work to help improve residents’ lives — at a pace that will better serve people’s needs in the long term. As a result, World Vision and its partner organizations have responded to and continue to respond to this disaster with a comprehensive, holistic approach to relief.

What the Community Needs

Hurricane Ida’s effects reached far beyond the affected communities. Cities, states, and the federal government responded to this disaster with humanitarian relief.

The most significant needs were the need for food, water, and shelter. These are things many organizations can provide.

Louisiana homeowners and renters affected by Hurricane Ida who live in parishes that have recently been designated for Individual Assistance could be eligible for help from FEMA. If you have homeowners or renters insurance, it is crucial you file a claim as quickly as possible. Under federal law, FEMA cannot duplicate benefits for losses covered by insurance. If you are uninsured or underinsured, you should reach out to see if you are eligible for federal assistance.

When Insurance Companies Fail You

When your insurance company fails to uphold the terms of your policy, you are entitled to legal recourse. Whether your insurer uses confusing language, delays investigating or responding to your claim, or uses some other unsavory tactics; you still deserve the coverage you paid for.

We can help you obtain it. We have a history of exceptional care and assistance. As lawyers local to the Lake Charles area, we understand the ins and outs of working with insurance companies. Our legal team has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients, and we can help you get the insurance money you need.

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