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How Many Homes Were Damaged Due to Hurricanes Last Year?

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2021 was a year for the hurricane record books. Last year’s hurricane season was the third-most active hurricane season to date, with 21 storms throughout its time frame.

With damages totaling around $80 billion near the Gulf of Mexico, many Louisianans were left to pick up the pieces that the hurricanes left behind. While some of us were able to remain safe inside our homes, many were forced to evacuate only to return to a severely damaged home or to the plot of land where their house stood.

Assessing the Damages

Although last year’s hurricane season had 21 storms, only 7 of them were considered hurricanes. Even still, that’s more than the average number of hurricanes per year, bringing with it lasting consequences.

Hurricane Elsa

The first hurricane of the season, Hurricane Elsa, saw property damages of around $1.2 billion. Thousands saw some form of damage to their home while hundreds of homes were destroyed.

Hurricane Grace

Hurricane Grace caused less damage than Elsa, with damages totaling $513 million. Over 500 homes were destroyed in the Caribbean, while over 20,000 were damaged in Puebla, Mexico.

Hurricane Henri

Hurricane Henri caused $550 million in damages. Hundreds of thousands of people living in the Northeast lost electricity to their homes. Most of the damage done to homes involved wind knocking over trees or flooding.

Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida was the most significant hurricane in 2021 at this point, causing over $75.25 billion in damages. As it passed through the Gulf of Mexico and made landfall in Louisiana, the storm instantly let us all know its capabilities. In the end, hundreds of thousands of our neighbors’ homes were either damaged or destroyed by strong winds and heavy floods. At its peak, 902,000 people had lost power to their homes. The damages were sizable enough to warrant first-responders from neighboring and faraway states to travel in to render aid.

Hurricane Larry

Totaling around $80 million, Hurricane Larry was the weakest of the seven. The hurricane caused tens of thousands of power outages and damaged buildings due to flooding.

Hurricane Nicholas

Damages totaled nearly $1.1 billion for Hurricane Nicholas, primarily affecting the Gulf Coast. Thousands of power outages, downed telephone polls and fallen trees were reported to damage homes.

Hurricane Sam

Hurricane Sam was a tremendous storm 900 miles from the coast of the US. As far away as it was, it still brought dangerous swells and winds. No damages are known.

Your Hurricane Damage Attorneys

There is no shortage of hurricane risk when you’re living on the Gulf Coast, but we’ll take the risk living in Louisiana. With its rich history and diverse culture, it’s hard for anyone not to stay a little longer. When a hurricane inevitably comes through and causes damage to your home, know that you are in good hands with the hurricane damage attorneys at The Voorhies Law Firm.

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