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How Do Hurricane Evacuations Work?

Hurricane Insurance Claim Evaulations

Hurricane evacuations are typically ordered by state and local officials in advance of a hurricane making landfall. The purpose of an evacuation is to allow residents to leave the area safely and on time ahead of the storm. While evacuating can be disruptive, it is often necessary in order to avoid potentially catastrophic losses. But how do they work?

Following The Blue Signs

You have probably seen the blue hurricane evacuation signs along major highways a few times in your travels. These signs are posted along roads in coastal areas to designate the route to be used for evacuating an area before a hurricane makes landfall. The purpose of the signs is to help people evacuate quickly and safely.

Hurricane Insurance Claim Evaulations

Where Do They Lead?

Hurricane evacuation routes are typically located in coastal areas and lead inland, away from the coast. The specific routes may vary depending on the location, but they usually follow major highways and lead to safe locations such as shelters or higher ground. Evacuation routes along the Gulf Coast typically lead north and west for hundreds of miles. This is to ensure that residents are able to safely get to higher ground and avoid the storm surge and high winds that can come with a hurricane.

In some cases, evacuees may be directed to a different state if the hurricane is expected to cause extensive damage in their area. In other cases, they may only be directed to evacuate to a different part of the city or county. In either case, it is essential to follow the instructions of local authorities and evacuate to the designated location.

What Happens if You Stay?

Hurricane warnings are based on the potential for a hurricane to cause widespread damage and loss of life. In most cases, hurricanes do not reach their full potential and do not cause the anticipated level of damage. As a result, many people resist evacuation warnings, believing they can weather the storm.

Hurricane evacuation orders are put into place to protect residents from the devastating effects of these storms. By remaining in an area under an evacuation order, individuals are putting themselves and first responders at risk. Storm surges and high winds can damage homes and other buildings, resulting in flying debris that can cause severe injury or death. Flooding can also occur, putting residents at risk of being trapped or drowned. In addition, downed power lines and fallen trees can create new hazards.

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