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How Long Does a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Take in Louisiana?

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

If you’re considering taking legal action for wrongful death, you may wonder how long the process will take and whether it’s worth your time and effort. Wrongful death suits can feel drawn out at times, but the compensation you serve to gain may be well worth your time. 

So how long does a wrongful death lawsuit take? Explore the answer below, then consult with a personal injury lawyer in New Orleans, LA, for assistance with your case.

What To Know About the Length of Your Wrongful Death Case

Wrongful death arises when a person passes away due to another person’s negligence or misconduct. If your loved one died at the hands of another person, whether intentional or not, you may have grounds to file a wrongful death claim and seek compensation on their behalf. 

First, understand that no two wrongful death cases are the same. The amount of time your case takes depends on a wide range of factors, and there’s no way to accurately predict when it will be over.

But working with an experienced wrongful death attorney can help your case move through the legal system as quickly as possible by ensuring that you meet all necessary deadlines and provide information as soon as it becomes necessary. 

Average Length of Wrongful Death Cases

You can expect your wrongful death lawsuit to take anywhere from four months to four years to resolve. The average amount of time from the initial filing date to the wrongful death settlement is about a year, but your case could be shorter or longer than this, depending on the circumstances. 

The court may schedule your case for a specific day, only to change the date down the line. Understand that lawsuit timelines are often volatile and unpredictable. While your case may not move as quickly as you’d like it to, your attorney can help it stay on track within the court system, request updates regularly, and prevent setbacks that could prolong your case. 

Statute of Limitations in Louisiana

When answering, “How long does a wrongful death lawsuit take?” you must understand any deadlines that pertain to your case. One crucial deadline is the statute of limitations, which is the amount of time you have to file your case in court after your loved one’s death.  

The statute of limitations for wrongful death cases in Louisiana is one year from the date of death. While the days may seem long after a loved one’s death, one year can go by very quickly. Ensure that you file your initial paperwork with the court by the one-year anniversary of your loved one’s death. 

Factors Affecting the Length of Your Case

Many factors can impact how slowly or quickly your wrongful death case moves through the legal system. These may include:

  • The length of the discovery process, in which attorneys on both sides seek evidence to support their case
  • Whether or not you settle a wrongful death case out of court, as doing so can truncate the process
  • The court you file in. Some courts are simply busier than others, and you can expect delays in your case. 

If you’re looking to move as quickly as possible, you may decide to settle outside of court. Your attorney can advise you about whether this is a smart idea, given the value of your case and the settlement offer. 

Consult an Experienced Wrongful Death Attorney

So how long does a wrongful death lawsuit take? The answer can vary between months and years.

Navigating a wrongful death lawsuit may sound stressful and arduous, but working with the right of attorney can significantly ease the process. Whether you are facing a relatively straightforward insurance claim or decide to sue the government for wrongful death, our attorneys can be your confident guides throughout the process. At The Voorhies Law Firm, we’re committed to helping the family members of wrongful death victims move forward from these tragic events. Call (504) 875-2223 today for a free consultation.