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At The Voorhies Law Firm in New Orleans, our team is dedicated to representing individuals who have been injured in automobile accidents. Unfortunately, every year, we see thousands of car accidents occur in Louisiana:

  • Roads
  • Highways
  • Interstates
  • Bridges

With the assistance of our New Orleans car accident attorney, you will be seen as more than a statistic and see your chance of getting compensation greatly increase.

Although you may be going through a stressful time in your life, rest assured that working with our firm guarantees you will have the support of a team that genuinely cares about your well-being.

You may be eligible to pursue financial compensation. We will help you maximize your recovery.

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What Causes Car Accidents in New Orleans?

The leading causes of car accidents are negligent and reckless by another driver. The following practices cause car accidents:

  • Distracted Driving: Driving while distracted is most common reason for a car accident. Driving while distracted could have been easily prevented if drivers would focus on the road or stop on the side if they have to take their eye off of it. Distractions while driving include: text messaging, talking on the phone, reading, brushing hair, putting on makeup, eating or anything else that takes your attention off of driving. These practices lead to thousands of sometimes fatal car accidents.
  • Speeding: Speeding is still one of the main sources of car accidents. The faster the driver is going, he higher the level of impact and the potential for damage or fatality. Aggressive and fast drivers not only endanger themselves but anyone that is on that street or highway.
  • Drunk Driving: When a driver is under the influence, they are much more likely to speed, become distracted or drive in a dangerous manner. They may swerve, drive the wrong way, or drive in the middle of lanes. This dangerous conduct is what leads to personal injuries and fatalities.
  • Failure to Signal: Often times when switching lanes, a driver will fail to signal and will possibly hit a car in the next lane. A driver must signal for at least five seconds before crossing over to the next lane.
  • Failure to Obey Traffic Lights & Signs: There are drivers that do not follow the rules that were put into place to protect drivers. By doing this they are endangering themselves and anyone else that shares a road with them.


If you were involved in a car collision and are suffering from personal injuries or vehicle damage, do not hesitate to contact the New Orleans car accident attorneys at The Voorhies Law Firm in New Orleans. We are experienced in representing individuals in car accidents in the state of Louisiana. Call us today.

We’ve Recovered Millions of Dollars for Car Accident Victims

The Voorhies Law Firm in New Orleans assists injured victims in all types of auto accident claims, including those involving drunk driving and texting and driving. Regardless of what caused your auto accident, who we must go up against, or the factors involved in your claim; we possess the skills, experience, and knowledge needed to help you pursue your rightful damages.

Additionally, our car accident lawyers have access to some of the best healthcare providers in Louisiana. We network with a multitude of medical specialists to provide our clients with premium healthcare options in their time of need. We strive to provide you with the support, compassion, and honest legal counsel you need to move forward with your life.

We have helped former clients with the following situations:


We commonly represent clients and victims suffering from the following injuries:

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Whether you are located in Morgan City, Houma, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Franklin, New Iberia, or a low-lying area of Louisiana, The Voorhies Law Firm can properly handle your case.

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Types of Car Accidents

At The Voorhies Law Firm in New Orleans, we handle all types of car accidents – from dangerous rollovers and head-on collisions to all too common rear-end accidents. We also help victims who have been harmed by texting while driving and multi-vehicle collisions.

Even if you crashed while it was just you in the car, we may be able to uncover a defective auto part or another way your single-vehicle accident was beyond your control.

Each year, nearly 10% of fatalities are the result of head-on collisions, 7% are caused by rear-end accidents, and 2.8% are caused by side impacts. In Louisiana, 58% of accidents do not involve a direct collision at all.

Whether you’ve been hit from the front, rear, or side, we can help you recover compensation

Car Accident Statistics in Louisiana

In 2018, the state of Louisiana saw 716 fatal crashes and 768 deaths. Approximately 86% of these fatal accidents involved alcohol. Driving under the influence is negligent behavior that should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

If you’ve lost a loved one to a fatal accident, click here to learn about filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

What Happens if an Insurance Company Denies My Claim?

Our New Orleans car accident lawyers understand all too well the defenses asserted by insurance companies in their attempt to deny coverage and mitigate liability for car wrecks and other automobile accidents.

Our firm is experienced in this area of car accident law, and we recognize the tactics used by insurance companies to deny responsibility for automobile accidents. When you work with us, we can put our years of experience to work in order to prevent insurance companies from implementing these types of tactics.

Learn more about insurance bad faith here.

If I Am Hit by an Uninsured Motorist, Can I Still Receive Compensation for My Car Wreck?

Unfortunately, many injured victims of car wrecks are unaware that they may be able to recover insurance proceeds even where the negligent driver has no automobile insurance coverage. Uninsured/ underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage may provide a legal remedy for an insured injured victim if the car accident was caused by the negligence of an uninsured driver. It is a good idea to review your automobile policy coverage to ensure that you have this type of coverage, or to find out if you should add it in.

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