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Insurance Disputes


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Insurance disputes routinely involve situations where the insured believes they are being treated unfairly by their insurer regarding their insurance claim. For example, an insurance dispute may arise because of a coverage denial; that is, the insurer has denied insurance coverage for the property damage claim filed by its insured. In such instances, an insured may bring action against his/her insurance company. These types of insurance disputes are known in the legal arena as “first party” insurance claims and often involve serious property damage losses. The resolution of first party insurance claim disputes can have life-altering ramifications, which is why it is paramount that you contact a lawyer or law firm who is experienced in handling insurance claim disputes.

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An insurance dispute may arise out of property damage sustained to an insured’s home or business as a result of a fire, tornado or other natural disaster, like a hurricane or flood. When the insurance claim involves damage to a business, often times the business’ operations may have to be suspended or interrupted because of the property damage. In these instances, the business owner may have a viable business interruption insurance claim. Business interruption insurance is offered by many insurance carriers and is designed to cover economic losses sustained over the period of restoration, i.e., the period of time it takes or should take to repair the property damage and continue business operations. The proper period of restoration is often the issue in dispute between the insurance company and the insured; thus, it is imperative that you consult with an experienced attorney or law firm as soon as an insurance dispute arises. Insurance disputes may also arise out of the interpretation of the business interruption clause found in the particular insurance contract at issue.

The cause of the property damage is also significant in determining both coverage and damages under the particular homeowners insurance policy. For instance, a loss caused by fire damage will implicate certain homeowners insurance policy provisions whereas a loss cause by wind damage can trigger different clauses found within the insurance policy. Moreover, insurance policy exclusions may be implicated by the type of loss incurred; for example, a commercial fire loss has potential ramifications on business interruption coverage and, as such, the cause of the loss may determine whether coverage applies.

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Our firm proudly represents homeowners and businesses throughout Louisiana and has successfully prosecuted insurance disputes stemming from devastating storms, such as Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and Ike.

A property damage insurance dispute frequently will stem from an insurance carrier’s refusal to properly or adequately compensate their insured for the covered loss. Whether your insurance dispute claim arises out of property damage, such as a house fire, commercial fire or a natural disaster loss like a flood, tornado or hurricane, it is important that you are able to attain a proper estimate of the damages sustained to your property.

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Like many types of cases, The Voorhies Law Firm will take your property damage case / insurance dispute claim on contingency fee, meaning you pay nothing in attorney’s fees unless you are able to recover for your casualty loss. Whether your insurance claim arises out of a house or commercial fire or natural disaster such as a flood, hurricane or tornado, The Voorhies Law Firm can help.

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How Do Insurance Disputes Work?

Insurers have an affirmative duty to deal with their insureds in good faith and fair dealing. An insurance company’s failure to properly and adequately adjust your insurance claim may result in statutory penalties, including bad-faith damages and attorney’s fees. In instances where an insured is able to prove bad faith conduct against their insurer, the penalties levied by the trier of fact may be substantial. These bad faith penalties may be implicated in most if not all types of insurance dispute claims, including those insurance claims arising out of property damage, business interruption or otherwise. These bad faith statutory penalties may arise in a multitude of ways including an insurer’s failure to timely and adequately adjust its insured’s claim, when such failure is shown to be arbitrary and capricious.

Additionally, bad faith penalties may be found where an insurer, or its agents, misrepresented policy provisions and/or breached its duty to fairly treat its insured. Louisiana jurisprudence is riddled with instances where an insurer has been found to have acted in bad faith toward its insured.

The Voorhies Law Firm has the requisite knowledge and experience to apprise you of your legal rights when dealing with an insurance dispute. The Voorhies Law Firm has recovered millions of dollars in insurance proceeds for its clients and can assist you in answering your questions regarding your insurance claim. Representing insured homeowners and businesses located throughout Louisiana, The Voorhies Law Firm has successfully prosecuted insurance disputes stemming from devastating storms, such as Katrina, Rita, Gustav and Ike.

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