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Louisiana law is complex regarding claims of products liability. Under Louisiana law, a product manufacturer has a duty to ensure that its products are free from defects. The Louisiana Products Liability Act (LPLA) provides the state’s exclusive theories of liability against manufacturers for damage caused by their defective products. Under the Act, the manufacturer of a product is liable for damage proximately caused by a characteristic of the product that renders it unreasonably dangerous, provided that such damage arose from a reasonably anticipated use of the product by the claimant or another person or entity.

What Is Products Liability?

A product is unreasonably dangerous under the LPLA if and only if:

  • The product was unreasonably dangerous in construction or composition at the time it left the manufacturer’s control,
  • The product was unreasonably dangerous in design at the time the product left the manufacturer’s control,
  • The product was unreasonably dangerous at the time it left the manufacturer’s control because an adequate warning about the product has not been provided, or the manufacturer acquired or should have acquired knowledge of the dangerous characteristics of the product since the product left the manufacturers control and failed to provide a reasonable warning after obtaining such information; or
  • The product is unreasonably dangerous because it does not conform to an express warranty of the manufacturer about the product, and the express warranty induced the plaintiff to use the product in a way that caused plaintiffs injuries.

As you can see, Louisiana law surrounding products liability claims is convoluted.

This is one reason why you should consult with our lawyers or law firm if you believe you have been injured as a result of a defective product or unreasonably dangerous product.

Failure to Warn

In addition to liability cases stemming from defective products, products liability claims may also arise in instances where the manufacturer failed to properly warn the consumer of the dangers associated with its product. In such instances, the case may ultimately turn on the reasonableness of the manufacturer’s conduct as it relates to the warning notice given to consumers.

Of course, in cases involving these types of products liability claims, i.e., failure to warn cases, you must consult with a knowledgeable attorney or law firm who can apprise you of your legal rights and relevant state and federal laws. Since 2012, The Voorhies Law Firm has represented clients throughout Louisiana, handling personal injury cases stemming from defective and unreasonably dangerous products.

Dangerous Products

The consumer products involved in products liability cases vary greatly and may include:

  • Defective pharmaceutical products and drugs (such as Ambien, Accutane, Avandia, Celebrex, Paxil, Mobic, and Viagra, etc.)
  • Medical device product defects (DePuy Hip cases, defective knee replacement, etc.)
  • Children’s toys
  • Automobile defects (tire defect, seatbelt defect, airbag defect, and rollover accidents)
  • Oil field equipment defects
  • Elevator and escalator defects
  • Industrial equipment defects
  • Chemical defects

This list is not exhaustive. A litany of other consumer product defects can jeopardize your health and safety.


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Unfortunately, the injuries stemming from a defective product and/or unreasonably dangerous consumer product are often catastrophic in nature.

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury because of a defective product, call The Voorhies Law Firm today and claim your free consultation.

Our firm has the resources, experience, and knowledge to assist you in prosecuting your products liability case through settlement or trial.

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