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Protecting Home and Business Owners In and Around New Orleans

According to Louisiana state law, holders of home and other insurance policies are entitled to compensation in the event that their property sustains serious damage in a natural disaster, accident, or any kind of incident they are insured against.

When your property is damaged by a covered event, you need to file a claim with your insurer. If your claim adheres to your policy, your provider should work with you to resolve it. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always treat policyholders properly. They sometimes try to use tricky language to get out of paying for damage or simply deny a claim without valid reasoning.

Disputes between the policyholder and insurer are all too common in the property damage cases we see. In order to maximize your chance of a favorable outcome, we encourage you to recruit our New Orleans property damage lawyers. If your insurer denied your claim, only partially covered the damage, or did not live up to their obligations, our team at The Voorhies Law Firm is ready to stand up for your rights on your property damage claim.

Anytime you are facing an insurance or property damage dispute, feel free to contact our trusted property damage attorneys for representation!

Representing Businesses & Homeowners in Property Damage Liability Cases

Our personal injury law firm is led by a former insurance defense attorney, which allows us to provide insightful counsel when representing plaintiffs in property damage cases. We know the tricks and tactics insurance companies utilize in the courtroom and are prepared to counteract them. Our property damage law team is skilled in both negotiation and litigation, and we do not shy away from the prospect of a trial for wrongfully denied insurance claims. In past cases, we have recovered millions of dollars for both homeowners and businesses in New Orleans and surrounding areas.

Our team at The Voorhies Law Firm is proud to offer counsel for property damage claims involving:

  • Insurance disputes
  • Flood damage
  • Hurricane damage
  • The BP oil spill
  • Bad faith insurance
  • General property damage

Our firm also operates on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay attorneys’ fees if we are successful in securing a favorable properly damage settlement or verdict on your behalf.

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