Jackknife Accidents

Jackknife Truck Accidents

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Weighing as much as 40 tons, commercial trucks dwarf the average person's vehicle. And, if they collide with a smaller passenger vehicle, the force can be great enough to crush it. When a truck driver loses control of his vehicle, as in the case of jackknifing accidents, the results can be devastating, changing the victims’ lives drastically.

If you have been involved in or have a loved one who was injured or killed in a jackknife accident, now is the time to act! Call The Voorhies Law Firm as soon as possible to begin pursuing the compensation you need and deserve in order to recover. We have the legal skill and experience to navigate complex cases like these, and we have recovered tens of millions of dollars for our clients.

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What Causes Jackknife Accidents?

Semi-trucks are designed with a towing engine, where the driver sits, and a trailer, which carries the cargo. The trailer is connected to the towing engine by a unit, thus allowing the engine to pull the trailer behind it.

When a jackknife accident occurs, the truck's wheels lose traction and subsequently lock, causing the trailer end to whip forward, often into oncoming or nearby traffic, as the driver struggles to regain control of the vehicle. In most cases, the trailer unhinges, causing it to swing out uncontrolled into traffic or causing the truck to roll over or collide with surrounding vehicles.

Some common causes of jackknife accidents include:

  • Improper cargo loading
  • Lack of vehicle maintenance
  • Driver distraction or impairment
  • Dangerous road conditions or hazards
  • Speeding or reckless driving

Although there are a variety of factors present in these accidents, more often than not negligence is to blame. Truck drivers should follow proper procedures to prevent accidents; however, many times, a driver either recklessly takes to the road or ignores the necessary preparations.

Common Jackknife Accident Injuries

Jackknife accidents can and do lead to very serious injuries and fatalities.

Some of the most common injuries resulting from jackknife truck accidents in New Orleans and the surrounding areas include:

While a jackknife accident can be a nightmare for victims, causing some of the most damaging injuries, the good news is that our team is ready to help.

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If you were injured or lost a loved one in a truck accident, taking legal action may not be at the top of your priority list. However, in the state of Louisiana, you generally only have one year from the date of the accident or one year from the death of your loved one (if he or she died due to a truck accident) to bring your claim. Failure to follow this statute of limitations will most likely result in you being barred from collecting damages.

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