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Many people enjoy traveling with and using recreational vehicles (RVs)—but when these vehicles are involved in motor vehicle collisions, the aftermath can be devastating. Like commercial trucks, RVs are large, heavy vehicles. When they collide with smaller cars, pick-up trucks, and motorcycles, victims can suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries.

At The Voorhies Law Firm, we believe that you shouldn’t have to simply suffer the consequences of someone else’s negligence on your own. Our New Orleans RV accident lawyers can help you seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, or any other damages you have suffered as a result of the accident. We have a proven record of success, and we are ready to put all of our experience and resources on your side.

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When Negligence Leads to RV Accidents

Just like any other motorist on the road, RV drivers have a responsibility to follow all traffic laws and exercise caution when traveling on roads and highways. Unfortunately, however, RV driver negligence leads to countless accidents each year.

Some common causes of RV accidents include:

  • Inexperience: People who are not experienced in operating motorhomes, trailers, ATVs, boats, and other recreational vehicles are more likely to cause a crash due to overcorrecting, not braking in time, swerving, failing to check blind spots, and other mistakes.
  • Speeding: Depending on the type and size of the vehicle, many RVs must be driven slower than normal passenger vehicles. In any case, excessive speeds can and often do lead to devastating RV accidents.
  • Distraction: Operating an RV requires just as much if not more attention and care than operating any other type of vehicle. When RV drivers are distracted—whether by texting, sightseeing, or eating—they can cause serious collisions.
  • Intoxication: Because RVs are often used for recreation, motorists may choose to operate them while intoxicated. Drunk driving is never okay, even when the vehicle is a boat, ATV, or similar vehicle. An intoxicated RV driver can cause serious damage.
  • Defects: Although driver error is the most common cause of RV accidents, defective parts or vehicle design may lead to rollovers, tire blowouts, electronic failure, and other devastating problems that, in turn, can lead to a crash.

Any time an RV operator acts negligently or wrongfully and someone is injured, the victim and/or his or her family members can take legal action against the at-fault person.

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Our New Orleans RV accident lawyers understand just how serious these types of collisions can be, both for RV drivers, their passengers, and others involved. We represent victims of all types of RV accidents, including those involving camper vans, motorhomes, fifth-wheels, toy haulers, boats, all-terrain vehicles, and more. Whether you suffered serious injuries in a single-vehicle crash caused by a defective part or had a loved one who was catastrophically injured or killed in a multi-vehicle accident, our team is here to help you fight for maximum compensation for your damages.

While we strive to resolve your case as quickly as possible by negotiating a favorable settlement, we also realize that this isn’t always possible. If the liable party is not willing to settle your case for a fair amount, we are fully prepared to aggressively represent you at trial.

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