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Trucking Regulations


Louisiana Trucking Regulations

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Louisiana upholds certain regulations for truck drivers in order to maintain both the safety of the drivers and the safety of others on the road. When these regulations are not followed, it can lead to serious accidents that often have life-altering consequences.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, you may be experiencing immense physical and emotional suffering. This trauma should not go unnoticed. At The Voorhies Law Firm, we are committed to acting as your advocate during this time. Our New Orleans truck accident lawyers have been and continue to be recognized for their client-focused legal counsel, making our firm the obvious choice to support you and your family. When you work with our team, you can be sure that we will fight for your best interests—no matter what.

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Regulations for Truck Drivers in Louisiana

According to the Louisiana Department of Transportation (DOT), all truck drivers must follow certain weight, length, and height limits when they are transporting loads.

These requirements include:

  • Length: maximum 65 feet on non-designated truck routes
  • Overhang: maximum 8 feet rear and 4 feet front
  • Weight: maximum 80,000 lbs.
  • Height: maximum 13 feet 6 inches

Truck drivers are allowed to travel half an hour before sunrise until half an hour after sunset, Monday through Saturday. Only under special circumstances can a truck driver travel on Sunday until 1:00 P.M.

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Federal Trucking Regulations & Hours-of-Service Rules

In addition to state-mandated restrictions, truck drivers are subject to certain federal regulations. These regulations mainly pertain to the number of hours a truck driver may drive, as well as how many hours he or she must spend in the sleeper berth and how many breaks he or she must take. Known as “hours-of-service” regulations, these rules are meant to ensure that truck drivers do not operate their vehicles while they are fatigued.

Federal trucking regulations include:

  • Truck drivers may not drive more than 11 hours after 10 consecutive hours off duty
  • After coming on duty, truck drivers may not drive past the 14th consecutive hour on duty
  • After 7 days on duty, truck drivers may not drive past 60 hours
  • After 8 days on duty, truck drivers may not drive past 70 hours
  • All truck drivers must take at least one 30-minute break in the first 8 hours of their shift
  • A truck driver who drives the maximum 70 hours after one week on duty cannot resume driving until he/she is off duty for at least 34 consecutive hours

Federal regulations also cover alcohol and drug restrictions and mandatory testing, including post-fatal accident testing, as well as issues like vehicle marking and maintenance.

Failure to Follow Trucking Regulations Leads to Serious Accidents

Failure to abide by both state and federal trucking requirements can make the road a very dangerous place.

The most common truck accidents include:

Drivers of smaller cars must also never forget that truck drivers cannot react as quickly to changing road conditions, which often leads to collisions.

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