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Are There Special Rules That Apply to Car Accidents in a Parking Lot?

Empty parking lot in the building

Many driving laws do not technically apply on private land like parking lots, though some do, including criminal statutes. An officer has fewer options to give car accident citations for these types of incidents as well.

 Louisiana State Commissioner of Insurance James J. Donelon explains on his website: “Procedures may vary somewhat from place to place, but generally speaking, the law enforcement agency with authority in the area where the parking lot is located will respond when you have an accident there. The law enforcement official will write up an accident report even though the state laws that govern public roadways do not apply in a private parking lot. This means the officer cannot issue citations to the drivers for moving violations such as speeding, but the officer can still take action against a driver for not having liability insurance.”

If you’ve been in an accident in a parking lot, you may need a New Orleans car accident lawyer to help you with your case as it can be difficult to determine who is at fault and who will pay for damage to your vehicle. Contact the Voorhies Law Firm now for help.