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Uninsured Motorist Claims


Uninsured Motorist Claims in New Orleans

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Getting into a car accident is awful. One of the only things that can make it worse is finding out that the driver who hit you doesn’t have insurance. Sometimes, drivers without insurance don’t even stick around to see if you’re alright, and you could be left with an unsolved hit-and-run incident.

When this is the case, you may need to negotiate with the other driver directly and/or turn to your own insurance policy. Unfortunately, your insurer will not always want to pay out your claim.

If you are struggling to recover full and fair compensation after being hit by an uninsured motorist, The Voorhies Law Firm can help.

Checking Your Insurance Policy

In Louisiana, all insured drivers have uninsured or underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage unless they reject that coverage in writing. This coverage provides for any damages the uninsured motorist cannot afford and can cover all damages in the event of a hit-and-run accident. Even if the driver who hit you does have insurance, their insurance policy may not be enough to cover the damages. In this case, UIM can also kick in to cover the difference.

As such, the simplest and most effective way to recover damages after being hit by an uninsured, unidentified, or underinsured driver is through your insurance policy.

If you’re not sure whether or not you have UIM insurance, our attorneys can help your review your policy.

If your insurer refuses to meet the terms of your policy agreement, they may be acting in bad faith.

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Filing a Lawsuit

Drivers are legally obligated to carry auto insurance. If an at-fault driver fails to do so, they are still responsible for the damages associated with any accident they cause. As such, anyone who is injured in an accident with an uninsured motorist has the legal right to file suit against them.

Sometimes, this can help victims recover, but other times, the defendant does not have enough assets to make a personal injury lawsuit worthwhile.

Our experienced uninsured motorist lawyers can help you understand your options and make the best choice.

Steps to Take After an Accident with an Uninsured Driver

Many of the steps you take after an accident with an uninsured driver are similar to the steps you take after any other car accident. However, certain steps are especially important and there are a few other factors you need to consider.

Be sure to:

  • Call the police – the police report will help show the other driver’s lack of insurance and determine who is at fault with the accident.
  • Avoid taking money – the other driver may try to handle things without involving the authorities. Whatever you do, do not take what they offer you. This could jeopardize your claim and is unlikely to cover all the damages associated with your accident.
  • Get the uninsured driver’s information – you will need this for any insurance claim or lawsuit you file.
  • Gather evidence – document all the details of the accident and take pictures
  • Notify your insurer that you were hit by an uninsured driver – this information will affect the entire insurance process.

If you take all of these important steps, you are already working towards securing compensation.

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