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Mardi Gras Accident


Mardi Gras Accident Attorneys in New Orleans, LA

Protecting Your Rights When the Party Gets Out of Hand

During Mardi Gras, the city of New Orleans hosts visitors from all over the world. Unfortunately, many of these travelers leave with serious injuries or wind up in the hospital. From car accidents to instances of negligent security, the dangers that exist in our everyday lives are amplified during large events and celebrations. If a driver fails to party responsibly, for example, they could drive under the influence and cause a serious accident. Similarly, intoxicated people may be more likely to start fights or behave violently.

At The Voorhies Law Firm, we not only represent New Orleans residents who have been injured but also victims who live out of state. Our attorneys are deeply familiar with the laws at the state and local level and can help you resolve your claim – no matter where you are coming from.

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Mardi Gras Safety Tips

Mardi Gras can and should be a fun time for all. With all the floats, ladders, beads, and alcohol, however, you should be extra careful and stay aware of your surroundings. Further, many of the worst accidents in New Orleans at this time are car crashes.

Although the tips below can be helpful, nothing can prevent you from being harmed by the negligent behavior of someone else.

Nevertheless, we recommend:

  • Taking public transportation – if you are off the road, you cannot get in a car crash! Taking public transit can also give you the freedom you need to drink responsibly without the temptation to drive afterward.
  • Drive defensively – if you do have to drive, expect drunk drivers and plan your route to avoid crowds and road closures. Allow yourself extra time for delays and follow all rules of the road.
  • Beware of the floats – all too often, people are run over by Mardi Gras floats. Be as cautious around the floats as you would be around any other vehicle. Stay behind the barricades and never try to collect beads on the street during the parade, especially in the path of floats or tractors.
  • Watch for tossed objects – during Mardi Gras, float riders throw beads and trinkets into the air. Occasionally, these objects hit people in the head and cause injuries. Be on the lookout and keep beads and other choking hazards away from small children.
  • Walk safely – you should be aware of your surroundings at all times. Pedestrian accidents are common during Mardi Gras, so be mindful of cars. With inebriated people and the potential for violence, you should also know where the nearest exits are in public places and report any suspicious activity to law enforcement.
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The Voorhies Law Firm is based in New Orleans and understands Mardi Gras, tourism, and the dangers this time of year can present. Additionally, we have a long track record of protecting our client’s best interests and maximizing their compensation.

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What To Do After a Mardi Gras Car Accident

You should handle a Mardi Gras car accident exactly like you would any other collision. Check yourself and your passengers for injuries, make sure your vehicle isn’t in the way of oncoming traffic, and call the police (or 911 if someone is injured). From there, gather as much evidence as possible, take pictures, talk to witnesses, and exchange contact information with the other driver. When the police arrive, talk about the facts of the accident and avoid speculation. Be sure to get the officer’s badge number and ask for a copy of the police report. If you need medical attention, seek it right away.

People from out of town may not be familiar with local insurance policies and Louisiana law. This is where The Voorhies Law Firm comes into play.

Premises Liability During Mardi Gras

The city of New Orleans is filled with people during Mardi Gras, and many of these people are tourists. Sometimes, hotels can fall into disrepair and allow hazardous conditions on their premises. Bars and restaurants may also be ill-prepared for the influx of visitors and business owners may fail to address dangers on their properties.

While the Mardi Gras parade is secured by local law enforcement, some venues may not take steps to prevent potential acts of violence.

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