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BP Oil Spill


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On April 20, 2010, a massive explosion occurred on a deep-water drilling rig owned by British Petroleum (BP). The rig was known as the Deepwater Horizon, and the explosion had overwhelming economic and environmental ramifications. The BP oil spill was the worst American oil rig explosion since the Exxon Valdez disaster in 1989. The explosion on the BP Deepwater Horizon, which could be seen from miles around, caused the rig to sink and resulted in a catastrophic oil spill.

Who Did the Disaster Hurt?

The extent and scope of the oil spill’s economic impact have been far-reaching, and many individuals and institutions have been affected by this tragedy. Victims of the BP oil spill vary from giant business consortiums of fishermen to individual shrimpers, oyster fisherman, and other anglers and trawlers.

For many, the consequences of the BP oil spill have been less direct. To illustrate: seafood processors, manufacturers, sellers and retailers have been adversely affected by the Deepwater Horizon disaster. Further, condominium owners, restaurants, convenience stores, ports and other businesses that thrive off of the seafood industry and tourism have lost business and suffered economic turmoil.

Our firm has successfully represented families and businesses in other environmental and toxic tort disasters throughout the state – just take a look at our case results and client testimonials.

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Our attorneys would love to guarantee a successful recovery for everyone affected by BP’s greed and negligence. However, the extent of the damages you sustained and the particular facts surrounding your claim will determine the amount of damages you may seek. Some claimants, for example, may be consolidated into class actions or multi-district litigation (MDL) due to the size and scope of this disaster. To find out what you may be entitled to, you should find an attorney who you can trust to accurately advise you of your legal rights arising out of the BP oil disaster.

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While those affected by the BP oil spill may feel hopeless, there is good news. People and businesses in Louisiana may be able to recover some of their losses through litigation. Nevertheless, all potential claimants must find a law firm that understands the legal issues involved in this type of environmental and maritime disaster. Fortunately for you, The Voorhies Law Firm has the resources and knowledge to represent residents of New Orleans and Louisiana and their businesses in lawsuits against BP and other responsible parties.

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